Corporate Social Responsibility

Respect For All


We want the products (apparel, balls, accessories) we make to be manufactured in safe environments with respect for human working conditions in every part of the supply chain.

Olé takes full responsibility for the impact of our activities on customers, employees, communities and the environment. 

Certified, Inspected & Monitored

Olé Group ensures strict Compliance to the Geneva Convention that prohibits Child-Labor. Our team-members are at least 18 years of age. We're since many years a Inspected Ilo-Imac partner.

In our working units we follow a strict labor-code and make sure its rules and guidelines are applied in every unit.

We follow a strict labor code and make sure its rules and guidelines are applied in every one of our factories.

We Work, We Share


Olé Group not only provides local jobs and opportunities, we also we give back to our local community by supporting all kinds of projects and local foundations.

 ' With Malice Towards None, Charity For All '

(Quote: Nawaz)


Equity Sets The Stage For Equality


At our units in our factory in Sialkot, we provide working conditions far above local legal standards. 

Whether our workers prefer to stand or sit like in their own familiar habitat.

We prefer that they after work go home with a smile. Our focus lies on building long-term relationships with our team-members.

On top of that, 27% of our sewing factory employees are women, which is quit unique for Pakistan.

Water Changes Lives



When drinking water is not readily available, it usually falls on the shoulders of women to collect and carry water for long distances of their household.

Studies show that 72% of household water has to be carried by women or young girls in Pakistan, especially in rural areas, slums and underprivileged makeshift localities.

Many years ago we installed already purifiers and water-coolers in our facilities with healthy drinking water for our team and their families.

' All Life's Depends On Water '

(Quote: Nawaz)


Teamwork Makes The Team Work


One of our biggest benefits of team building is that it has lead to better, more effective problem solving. 

We invested time and energy into creating teams that work well together, they can solve problems more effectively than if each of those team members were working individually.

Or, in other words, the sum is worth more than the parts.

' Good For You, Good For Us, Good For Everybody' 

(Quote: Team O.G)

Reduce And Re-Purpose 



The world is becoming more aware of the negative impact of fashion. Clothing production continues to increase worldwide while clothing utilization ( the number of times an item is worn) continues to fall. That's a recipe for more and more textile waste in the form of finished goods.

Raw materials textile waste that never made it to the fashion supply chain—it was produced but never used is also a big problem

But custom-made productions ends waste by only creating garments that fill a need. We are offering you low-moq custom-made productions.

' We love to advice you, let's talk ' 

( O.G. Team )


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