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Ole Group uses the domestic resources of Pakistan, a major cotton grower. We use our location to our advantage: not only does Pakistan have a huge amount of available water for producing textiles, we also benefit from factors like less road transport, less water consumption, less pesticide consumption and less waste water. All these advantages are then combined with our own expertise.

Vertical integration of in-house yarn spinning enables efficient control over raw materials, resulting in efficient lead-times. We use software for precise fabric development. On top of that, we are able to assure cost effective production thanks to a computerized tracking system with quality control software developed by ourselves.

Ole Group Sets The Bar High When It Comes To Quality Garments.

We’re Able To Supply Sustainable Raw Materials.

We’re Committed Not To Use Any Toxic Substances In Our Garments.

Your Label, Your Brand, Your Design 

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Manufactured by a multi-cultural team of more than 58 sporting-goods professionals. 

Consistently innovating, growing and topping the sports-and fashion industry demands.

With the help of our team, you choose the products you need and approve the sketches from our design department.

We take care of the rest !